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About The Brand

TruDay Organic is an India-based brand that provides to a broad range of skin and hair types. Their products are developed using science-backed formulae, are healthy, unadulterated and provide clients with the authenticity of Indian heritage. Their products are all natural, vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free.

The Challenge

A website serves as a "home base" for customers who want to buy something or learn more about a service or product a brand offers. TruDay Organic came to us with the challenge of developing a website according to their vision and requirements as well as grow their social media presence.


TruDay Organics wanted their website to showcase all their premium products on the home page along with sale information, their brand promise and customer reviews. Based on their vision, we developed a website for them accordingly, making sure that all their premium products are featured on the home page along with separate section on their brand promise and customer reviews of their products. We built the website and optimized it for both mobile and desktop. We made sure that the user interface was simple and uncomplicated so that it is easy to use for the users. The website was created with the goal of displaying the information about the brand and the products on the first glance along with reviews. Relevant SEO keywords were incorporated into the content to increase the website’s visibility.

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We began managing their social media pages and curating content for them in order to boost their engagement with customers and enhance their brand image. To ensure that their social media runs smoothly and on schedule, post ideas for the full month were provided to them for approval, a month ahead. To improve the overall aesthetic of their page, we refined their entire profile, added story highlights, and added content in a uniform grid. We also made reels to exhibit and advertise their products to the public.


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TryDay's revenues improved as a result of the increased interaction, reach, and traffic on their social media as well as their website. Their sales climbed up by 30%, going from 30% to 60%.

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