Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Be it a small startup business or a big multi-million dollar business, Lead Generation is the only common word which is used the most by the marketing and management team of any company. Lead Generation is actually what gives meaning to even run a business. It is like the blood in the veins of an organization.

How the team at Oh Puhleeez generates leads for your business?
Oh Puhleeez's Lead Generation services offer increased number of targeted and organic leads through conceptualized campaigns, converting them into customers. Lead Generation done by us helps in alleviating client’s pressure. Using the inbound approach to generate the leads, our Lead Generation is followed by interactive marketing efforts to pull in the potential customers. These leads boost the sales and increase the business for the brand while we research extensively, identify prospects and establish contacts through right channels and effective campaigning. We ensure that the client never feels short of qualified leads.

B2B lead generation

B2B lead generation as you already know stands for lead generation from business to business. This is one of the most lead generation tactics that many businesses must adapt. Our company falls into the category of best B2B Lead Generation Companies in the country.

The services that we offer are:–

  • 1) Email marketing
  • 2) Content marketing
  • 3) Search marketing
  • 4) Social media

B2C lead generation

This stands for generation of leads for business that deals with consumers. Many Online Lead Generation Companies– do not give much importance to this but it is very important as customers are the ultimate users. The B2C service offered by us includes:–

  • 1) Advertising
  • 2) Content marketing
  • 3) Search marketing
  • 4) Social media
  • 5) Fee-based services
  • 6) Generating direct sellers
  • 7) Advertising


We aim at regular posting on different blogs, forums and social networking websites which will give your product or service a greater market reach and will thus help in expanding your sales.

We only aim at generating leads who are genuinely interested in purchasing your product or services. With our service, you will notice a visible increase in the number of customers steadily.

We will generate leads who will be interested in your newsletters. leads who are daily newsletter followers are your potential and long-term customers.

Direct marketing is an effective method and our direct marketing process includes e-mail marketing and advertising.

Whereas if you do not find the perfect technique for your business we can always customise one for your business's need. Why not give us the responsibility to take your business to a new height?

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