Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content is contentious. As the live voice of your brand, it deserves to spark debate. But until you get a handle on those familiar boardroom sticking points – what to create, who should create it and how to measure it – your production cycle will continue to burn time and money.

As a performance agency Oh Puhleeez, we bring together a unique mix of audience insights, channel experts and editorial specialists to help you cut the guesswork around what people want and how you can make the biggest impact through content. We sharpen the tools you need to run successful, ROI-driving content programmes at scale – to inform, inspire and entertain the people who matter most to your brand.

Strategized Content

Performance marketing fails without teams confident in the purpose and positioning of the content they produce. Team at Oh Puhleeez who know exactly why their audience and brand needs content, what’s required to deliver to these purposes and how this stacks up against the competition. We help create them. Our process begins and ends with people. We spend time with yours to understand brand objectives, team structures and product focus, before using keyword research and social listening to pinpoint opportunities to engage with your audiences.
Next our team turn our attention to the platforms already serving them, to create the right environments for your content to succeed on the platforms. Through qualitative and quantitative content audits we take inventory of what you have versus what’s working for others, identify gaps you can fill and the exact types of content you’ll need to make an impact.
Finally, we distil all of these insights into toolkits that act as your quality filter for ideas and creative and a fail-safe framework for production, publishing and measurement.
Determined few strategies already? Let us know what you have on your mind and we’ll pick it up from there:

  • 1) Digital personas
  • 2) Engagement triggers
  • 3) Content goals and KPIs
  • 4) Measurement frameworks
  • 5) Brand voice & style guides
  • 6) Strategy overview
  • 7) Content mission statement
  • 8) Content pillars
  • 9) Content topics
  • 10) Platform playbook
  • 11) Content structure models
  • 12) IA & internal linking recommendations
  • 13) Content templates
  • 14) RACI matrix & processes

Well planned content

A well & effective content planning combines business and audience needs to be catered. And with search and social insights at our fingertips our team helps you prioritise production based on predicted impact on both.
Content could be expensive, so we start all projects by assessing whether your existing content could work harder and build refresh, revive and retire recommendations into production and promotional plans. Our optimise and create recommendations are thorough and targeted; designed to speak the language of your in-house and third-party content players. Briefs and wireframes turn audience intent and platform particulars into job specs for creatives, ticking off:

  • 1) Topics
  • 2) Metadata
  • 3) Keywords
  • 4) Structure
  • 5) Authors
  • 6) Internal and external links
  • 7) Review
  • 8) Promotion

And all of our recommendations and roadmaps are delivered with clear opportunity overviews that translate demand, competition and relevance into competitive advantage for planners.


We don’t create or commission content unless we’re confident it’ll perform for the people and platforms it’s designed to serve. Because it’s what you pay us for.
That’s why we challenge and shape briefs as a standalone product; translating demand, intent and competitive advantage into blueprints for creative that audiences value and algorithms understand. Your investment is then safe in the pens, keyboards and cameras of our experienced team of digital writers, subject experts, influencers and editors, who craft:

  • 1) Features Guides
  • 2) Tutorials Interviews
  • 3) Case studies
  • 4) Infographics
  • 5) Creative campaigns

Or can just come back through us, from your own creatives, for edit and optimisation.


Oh Puhleeez team’s understanding of why, where and how people search and engage with digital content helps us craft copy that inspires action. We develop messaging matrixes that empower your brand voice – through rhythm, tone, personality and vocabulary – to play for performance on the platforms that count. And balance your business and audience needs to produce words that work, for:

  • 1) Product pages
  • 2) Campaign landing pages
  • 3) Social posts
  • 4) Paid ads
  • 5) Emails

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