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About The Brand

Lohre farms is a growing company based in Hyderabad that sells ‘desi A2 milk’ procured from pure Indian breed cow . Their milk is unpasteurized with no synthetic growth hormones or pesticides and has higher nutritional content as well as healthy omega –2 fatty acids. Their ghee is free from all adulteration and is made from pure cow milk using the traditional BILONA method.

The Challenge

Lohre Farms came to us wanting to create their social media presence as well as revamping their website.

Our Work

We created a completely new website for them while making it user friendly and displayed the various elements and facts related to the brand and its products. We optimized the website for both mobile and computer. The website was designed with the goal of reflecting the brand personality as well as the benefits of their products. Relevant keywords for the purpose of SEO were used.


We created their social media profile and added the link of the website there. To create awareness we designed and posted various aesthetically pleasing posts and interesting reels with suitable hashtags so that these posts are categorized and are shown more easily in search. We added a professional bio and created story highlights of interesting topics. We also created social media polls for them to increase user engagement.

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The Result

The amount of visits to their website grew significantly after it was revamped and linked to their social media. Social media helped in boosting their brand awareness and all these factors were reflected in the boost in sales which rose from 30% to 60%.

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