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About The Brand

Khushbu Rathod Label is one of the most prestigious and fashionable women's apparel lines available. Their diverse collection of women's fashion items is suitable for every occasion and is versatile yet seasonal. Their key priorities are quality, attention to detail, and price. They believe in developing timeless and luxurious designs at affordable rates.

The Challenge

A website is the backbone of the online presence of a business and Khushbu Rathod Label came to us with the challenge of creating one for them in addition to growing their social media presence.


To complement the image and personality of the brand we designed a new website for them based on their vision, making it user-friendly and incorporating aspects that highlighted the brand's individuality. The homepage of the website was customized to display all the new collections and a separate section of FAQs was also added at the homepage to give the user a richer experience as well as to establish internal links, which is a key search ranking criteria. We made the website mobile-friendly as well as desktop-friendly. The website was built with the purpose of portraying the brand's personality and relevant keywords for SEO were employed in the content.


To increase customer interaction and increase their brand awareness, we helped manage their social media profiles and produced content for their page. As per what they wanted we focused primarily on creating Instagram reels to showcase and promote their products to the audiences. Ideations for next several weeks were shared with them for approval in advance to make sure that their social media runs smoothly and on time. We modified their profile to exhibit their products as well as communicate their brand story. We came up with interesting stories and shared them on their profile on a regular basis to increase their engagement. We made sure to add posts in such a manner that they complement the page's overall aesthetic.

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For easy ordering for their customers we designed their website with a user friendly interface and optimized it for both mobile and computer use. The website was created in such a way that it also reflects a cohesive picture of the brand’s personality. Correct keywords were used throughout the website for SEO.

The Results

The brand's recognition was raised thanks to the compelling stories and instagram reels. Within a month, their account had surpassed 1 million impressions. Their website's traffic grew, which improved their conversion rate. They began selling at least 5-6 products every week, which was significantly more than their previous sales.

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