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About The Brand

UDI is a Gujarat based interior design brand that provides a full range of interior and architectural design services from furniture to craftsmanship. They work on both private and professional spaces and believe in assisting their clients throughout the process. They strive for excellence in all their projects in order to provide their clients with industry-leading design, interior construction, and customer service experiences.

The Challenge

UDI wanted to take its service online and came to us for developing a new website for them along with a logo.

Our Work


We decided to go with the "less is more" approach while creating their logo. We designed their logo using a simple hexagon line figure and incorporated the initials of the company into the figure. For their logo colour we choose Gold. Concept: Keeping in mind that UDI is a design firm, we picked a hexagon shape for their logo because of its geometric form, which is beneficial for architecture since it optimally fills a plane with equal-sized units and leaves no wasted space. Hexagonal packing minimizes the perimeter for a given area due to its 120-degree angles and is employed in all good architectural projects. Because the firm has a long name, we opted to utilise only its initials in the logo to stick with the 'less is more' approach as well as to make brand identification and recall simpler. We used creative typography to merge the brand's initials within the hexagon. We chose gold as the logo colour since it implies elegance, success, and prosperity, all of which are associated with UDI because they believe in providing sophisticated and premium service to its clientele.

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UDI desired a website that not only showcased their services but also reflected their brand. We built a website for them based on their vision, ensuring that it perfectly mirrored the brand's services and at the same time the design was interwoven with elements that underlined the brand's personality. The website and was optimized for both mobile and desktop use. We made sure the user interface was simple and straightforward so that anyone could use it. We also included testimonials from their clients and displayed their prior work to build credibility. A section with a few FAQ's and a form for getting in touch with them as well as a free consultation was also added. Relevant keywords were used in the content for SEO.
Colour Palette – #000000, #c8ad73, #ffffff
Typography – Roboto (sans serif), Titillium Web (sans serif) and Raleway (sans serif)

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Both the logo and the website were favorably received and appreciated by UDI. The logo and website were spot-on representations of the brand and exactly what they wanted.

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