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About The Brand

Boninwood is a growing healthy snack brand based in Delhi that aims to deliver 100% eggless, wholesome, delicious yet healthy snacks. They promise toserve handmade, fresh, nutritious, tasty and preservative free snacks for your hunger pangs. They believe in serving healthy, delectable food that will make you savor every bite.

The Challenge

The development of SMEs in India is increasing and one of the businesses that are booming is of healthy snacks and beverages. The demand for healthy snacks, especially during the festive seasons is very high but in other months, it decreases, so the company’s revenue is never stable. This was their biggest challenge and they came to us to generate good amount of revenue during those dormant months along with growing their presence on social media to increase brand awareness among the common masses of Delhi NCR.

Our Work

We partnered with Boninwood, a healthy Snacks Company, to refresh their paid social media program. We developed a custom social media advertising strategy, a monthly paid metrics program, and handled day-to-day management and optimization of all of the Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

For growing their social media presence we curated content for them. We also made several changes to their profile page like creating story highlights and changes in the bio. To increase their reach we made some tie ups with other brands as well as created reels and added posts in a grid formation to their pages in order to increases the overall aesthetic appeal. The posts were designed to display the products in a tempting manner.

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The Result

We significantly increased their social media community, engagement, and reach across Facebook and Instagram.

We increased brand awareness within key consumer audiences and educated the community of new and potential buyers of their new products.

Over the period of 3 months the account reach of the brand increased by a huge margin of 89% while the engagement increased by 92.5%. Their followers also saw increase of 19.8% while their sales climbed up by 40%. Overall the social media presence of Boninwoodsaw an immense growth during the period of 90 days.

Best Brand Services Online
Best Brand Services Online
Top Branding Company Offline
Top Branding Company Offline

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