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About The Brand

Spicer King is a growing cosmetic brand based in Bangalore that brings to you modern cosmetics crafted from a delicate amalgam of nature and science in order to provide maximum benefits. Their products are natural, FDA approved, vegan as well as cruelty free. They have a nature-forward approach which ensures that all their ingredients are skin-friendly. They believe that everyone deserves to feel their best everyday and are committed to creating fun, authentic and eco-friendly products for all.

The Challenge

Spicer King came to us with the challenge of brand revamp in order to create an identity which resonates with their target segment and helps them grow.


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We started with redesigning their logo and coining a tagline to reflect the brand. We went with a text logo since it communicates the brand instantly to the customers. The logo had the brand name in capitals in black with the tagline below again in black on a white background. The tagline we coined was ‘Nourished by Nature’.


Since it is a text logo both black and white colours were chosen for the background as they provide strong contrast which improves legibility. White also gives the vibe of purity and efficiency while black gives a clean sleek look as well as symbolizes simplicity, elegance, power, seriousness and a sense of professionalism which is in line with the brand’s vision of delivering unique, authentic and eco-friendly products which have a balance of luxury and comfort. A black and white logo can be easily put on letterheads and visiting cards and costs less than a coloured one. The brand name was written in capitals for easy comprehension. The tagline selected was ‘Nourished by Nature’ which is short, crisp and reflects the fact that the brand sells natural products.


Our strategies are having a positive impact and in the last 90 days the reach of their account showed a whooping increase of 603% and their account engagement increased by 45.8%. The collaborations increased from 10% to 40% as well as the sales grew from19% to 58%.

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